Want to live a healthy and wealthy life? This is your chance. This is your opportunity. This is the time. This is it!

Guyz, try searching "Green Tea Benefits" over the internet and you will be amazed of the many researches.

Well, I'd like to point out the benefits that usually apply to Filipinos:

1. fights cancer
2. lowers cholesterol level
3. balances blood pressure abnormality
4. reduces obesity
5. lowers diabetes
........AND MORE...... now go on, keep that mouse clicking

What I'd like to stress out here is if you drink adequate amount of green tea a day, that will make you invincible (joke). Kidding aside, you'll be a newer you because green tea works by protecting the cellular level of your body.. What's the whole point??? CELLULAR LEVEL. Guyz, that's cellular... Therefore, it will affect your skin, hair, lungs, muscles, stomach, etc etc etc... It's like an "all-in-one" product... (But of course you still have to eat!) We are just talking here of how green tea protects the cells which optimizes the nutrients that you'll be eating from your daily intake, your excersices.. etc...

Now, you may say... I can buy green teas everywhere... It's cheap... Yey!

But wait, think about it... Are you really getting the right amount of green tea? (Actually, we are not talking here about green tea but the component that makes it worth it, the EGCG - just search, I'm so tired typing.. haha).

Look at the nutritional facts of those green teas that you are buying... Ah-uhm, that's not enough... It's of course impractical to drink more and more of that... You'll get fat! hahaha...

So here's the solution:

Tan ta da dan!!!


One serving, one glass, one sachet contains 3000 mg.. very much higher compared to other commercially available green teas!

And what's more, our product has 60mg L-Carnitine which is good for people who are in a diet... ;) And it doesn't stop there! It also contains Vitamin C. And it's very tasty because it's lemon flavor... Yeah, I've tasted it.. I drink it everyday... :D

See what green tea can do for you?

Be practical! Prevention is better than cure! Don't wait for cancer, mr. disease, ms. sickness approach you :D

Instead, approach me! :D

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